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Online Casino Games – Preview Before Your Play

Any avid online casino gamer will tell you that one of the most disappointing experiences is downloading a game or signing up with a casino that simply doesn’t satisfy your needs. A perfect example would be choosing a game of blackjack where the dealer wins on ties. While some players will be fond of such a version because of the advantages, several others might want to steer clear of this variant for all the disadvantages it offers. Indeed, it can be very frustrating when you take the time to research casinos only to download a gaming platform that just doesn’t work out. For some, this is enough to deter them from playing at that particular casino or indulging in online play entirely.

Top Advantages of Online Casino Games

The good thing is that many of the reputable online casino singapore casino online software vendors have taken note and acted by trying to deliver more user-friendly products that allow you to preview games before investing your time into them. These previews typically offer screenshots as well as a brief summary of the games. By viewing a comprehensive preview, you can learn more about that particular gaming platform and better determine if it meets your expectations.

Below we have provided details on some of the most popular online casino online casino games singapore software providers offering previews of their games.

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It is no surprise that Microgaming, an industry leading online casino software provider, would be one of the first working to accommodate the growing needs of players. With casinos powered by Microgaming, you can visit the main lobby and then the games section to choose a specific category and obtain a listing of the selections it contains. From here, you generally have two options. You can either view all the listed games in text form, or view them in a matrix-style graphical presentation featuring logos of the available games. With either option, the preview is basically the same as it is displayed in a box to the right of the screen with the cursor set on the name of the game or logo. After accessing the preview, you can view a screenshot of the game along with a short list of features or rules.

Vegas Technology

With games powered by Vegas Technology, categories are presented on the main lobby page while individual games can be accessed through the drop-down menus. After selecting a game, the preview is displayed in a small box in the lower-left corner of the screen. The information you get with VT games is usually the jackpot ticker and betting limits when applicable. Other details are provided to you via the screenshot.

Wizard Gaming

Although Wizard Gaming doesn’t offer nearly as many games as Microgaming and Vegas Technology, it does provide you the option to preview before you play. All of its games can be found in the main lobby and when making your selection, the preview can be viewed in the upper right of the screen. With Wizard Gaming previews you get a nice screenshot and brief summary of the game. The information it provides is often helpful with details on features, free spins and bonus rounds. Wizard Gaming has some of the most comprehensive previews of all online casino software providers.


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